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Best Trick How To Join Highrich : To register for free on Highrich account, first of all search Highrich.Net in Google. The website that will appear in front of you in the search result, you will have to go to its homepage. Login page will open here. To register for free, click on the option of Free Registration.

Highrich Free Registration in 2023

  1. Sponsor Userid: Type the sponsor ID of the Upline here.
  2. Name (As Per The Bank Pass Book): Enter the same name in this box as it is registered in your bank account.
  3. Address: Type the address in this box.
  4. Country: Select the name of the country here, here I am selecting India.
  5. Mobile Number: Enter the mobile number in this box.
  6. Email Address: Type Email Id here.
  7. State: Select the name of the state.
  8. District : Enter the name of the district.
  9. Zipcode: Type the pin code.
  10. Sign Up: Click on the Sign Up button in the last.

All your details are given on this form. If everything is correct then click on the Next button.

Highrich Registration | Highrich Join Online With Us

How to Join Highrich?:

Highrich is a network marketing company which is growing rapidly in India. Today any networker who once understands the work and business plan of Highrich, definitely joins. Many reasons account for this. One, Highrich’s business plan is very easy to understand and second, its products are very good. (If You Want To Join Highrich)

Then fill the form given below. With this, your joining in Highrich Company will be done immediately. You will be provided free training to build your business. If you wish to contact us directly over the phone, you may contact us at the phone numbers listed below.

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Highrich Joining Online

If you want to earn lakhs of rupees every month by joining Highrich Company, then contact us. We will tell you how to do this business and how you can get success in this business.

Fill the form given below, your joining will be done immediately. We will also give you the Business Plan. You will be given free training so that you can do business easily.

First come first serve. This means that if you contact me immediately, we will put you on our power leg. Because of which one of your legs will start growing rapidly. The percentage of success in your Highrich Business will also increase. Understand this opportunity once with an open mind. The right time will not wait for you again and again. Highrich is a 2 legged generation plan. Today the generation plan is making a splash all over India.

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Highrich Joining Form

Highrich Free Registration
Highrich Free Registration

highrich business opportunity

Anyone 18 years and above can join Highrich business without any investment and become an independent business associate of Highrich. Online registration is mandatory to become Highrich’s Business Associate. Only you can register with a registered mobile number. Online ID of wife and husband is allowed.

Activation ID:

An associate needs to upload passport size photo, PAN number, Aadhaar number, bank passbook/canceled check and self attested KYC documents (ID proof and residence proof like passport, Aadhaar card, self attested copy of driving license, voter card or PAN card) in his profile. After activation an affiliate will start receiving the company’s products at discounted rates of up to 30%.

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Use and recommend Highrich products is the first step to achieving success and building a solid foundation for your Highrich business. To activate his ID registration a person should do 500 BV within 30 days time.

Highrich First Purchase Products List

  • Bedsheet Embroidery Mixed Colour – ₹ 1300
  • Blanket Mixed Colour (60 X 90) – ₹ 750…
  • Blanket Mixed Colour (Navar) – ₹ 750
  • Choco Spread (CHACKOS) – ₹ 1006
  • Covid-19 Self P protection Kit – ₹ 888
  • Easy English Communication Course in Hindi – ₹ 750
  • Easy English Communication Course in Malayalam – ₹ 750
  • FAIZA Cream – ₹ 1100
  • Face Mask N95 (10 Nos) – ₹ 750
  • Face Mask N95 (9Nos) and 3 Surgical Mask – ₹ 750
  • Face Mask N95 Headloop (10 NOS) Dweej – ₹ 800
  • Face Mask N95 Kids (10 Nos) – ₹ 750
  • GARCINIA CAMBOGIA Essence (2 Bottle,70ml*2) : – ₹ 750
  • Green Tea (Pachola) – ₹ 750
  • HS Oil Herbal Medicine – ₹ 947
  • Honey 1KG (AEITHALIS) – 1130
  • Jeans (A SQUARE) – ₹ 1255
  • Karishma HS Oil – ₹ 785
  • Ladies Bag – ₹ 855
  • Mask(20 Nos)Combo Pack – ₹ 750
  • Moringa leaf Powder Tea (Pa chila) – ₹ 750
  • Mulberry Juice (NE) – ₹ 874
  • Nanotechnology Shirt Material – ₹ 999
  • Nelliyampathi Blended Tea – ₹ 750
  • Pulse Oximeter (Trueview) – ₹ 1800
  • Pulse Oximeter – ₹ 2420
  • Raasna Galangal Blended Coffee – ₹ 750
  • Raasna Galangal Blended Tea – ₹ 750
  • Raasna Instant Coorg Cofee (Masala) – ₹ 750
  • Raasna Malabaari Chukku Kaappi – ₹ 750
  • Raasna Orange Tea – ₹ 750
  • Raasna Stevia Dry Leaf Tea – ₹ 750
  • Raasna Wayanadan Coffee(Roasted Beans) – ₹ 750
  • Sanitary Napkin (2nd Combo Pack) – ₹ 750
  • Sea Buckthorn Juice (NE) – ₹ 875
  • Shirt (TRENDZ MANIAC) – ₹ 999
  • Shirt Piece (ARMAAN) – ₹ 800
  • Siddhi Galanga Coffee Bags (Accura) – ₹ 750
  • Siddhi Galanga Fenugreek Coffee ( Accura) – ₹ 750
  • Siddhi Galanga Green Coffee (Accura) – ₹ 750
  • Siddhi Galanga Stevia Tea ( Accura) – ₹ 750
  • Siddhi Galanga Tea Bags (Accura) – ₹ 750
  • Soft -Cotton Sanitary Napkin(Combo Pack) – ₹ 849
  • T-Shirt (J-HART) – ₹ 800
  • Tea Powder (Cardamom) (500G) – ₹ 850
  • Veggie Wash(Fruit & Vegetable Wash) – ₹ 950
  • Woollen Weightless Blanket Mixed Colour (60 X 90) – ₹ 800
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The company gets 200 BV on the purchase of every First Purchase product, BV is used to count the income.

High Rich Income Plan

Highrich provides three types of income to the company, which are as follows:

  • First Purchase Income
  • Self Purchase Income
  • Repurchase Income

So, let us understand these income in detail

1. First Purchase Income

To get this income, a team has to be formed in pairs. Under this income, 100 percent of the total Match BV is given as commission by the company.

Suppose Ram is a distributor who has 5,000 BV matching in his downline, then Rs.5000 will be given to Ram by the company as this income.

Under this income, a maximum of Rs 5000 per day can be earned. To get more of this income, you can apply maximum 7 IDs of your own in the company.

2. Self Purchase Income

After becoming a distributor, you can also buy products from the company’s repurchase product list, which is at a discount of about 3 to 15 percent, and this list also includes products from other brands.

According to this income, retail can earn profit by selling these products further on MRP.

3. Repurchase Income

The full form of SI point is Sales Incentive Point and every product re-purchase gives SI point, which is used to withdraw this income. SI points are determined by Highrich on each product.

Highrich Product Video

Highrich Business Video

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