TLM full form – Teaching Learning Material [TLM ]

What is the full-form of TLM for teachers? & What does TLM mean? – Teaching Learning Material [TLM] What is Teaching Learning Material? (If you are doing Deled or B.ed then you will need to make T.L.M.)

Hello friends, you are very much welcome in nios has asked to prepare Teaching Learning Material (Teaching Learning Material) in Workshop Based Activities (WBA) which we can also call T.L.M in short.

In the previous post, we have published Assignment, school Based Activities (SBA) and some lesson plan (lesson plan) study material on the website, which you can read our other post. In this post we will know all about TLM.

Candidates doing Nios Deled course T. Ale . It is mandatory to make M. If you make teaching learning materials of four subjects, then you will be given 16 marks.

Tlm full form – Teaching Learning Material

Tlm full form : –

  • Teaching Learning Material
  • Technical License Management
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Any teacher uses different materials to explain at the time of teaching. So they are called Teaching Learning Material (TLM). Or we can understand in this way. During the teaching process, the material from which students learn and understand easily. Those materials are called teaching learning materials.

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In education, TLM stands for “Teaching Learning Materials”. TLM refers to the various resources and materials that are used in the teaching and learning process to facilitate better understanding and knowledge retention. TLM can include textbooks, workbooks, audio and video resources, diagrams and charts, models, and hands-on materials like manipulatives and experiments.

TLM is designed to provide a multi-sensory and interactive learning experience, which can help learners to engage with the subject matter and retain the information more effectively. TLM is widely used in classroom settings, especially in primary and secondary education, and is often customized to meet the needs of individual learners and teaching styles.

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Definition of psychologist

According to Carter Good : Any such material through which the teaching process can be stimulated or the auditory senses can be moved forward through sensations, they are called auxiliary materials.

Type of Teacher Learning Material

There are three types of teacher aids.

visual material

  • The material through which we understand or learn by looking at the eyes is called visual material.
  • For example – blackboard, television, map, graph, drama

Audio material

  • Such material through which a person learns by listening is called audio material.
  • Like – radio, audio, telephone etc.

Audio-visual material

  • The material which helps in learning and understanding by listening as well as seeing is called audio-visual material.
  • Like – TV, Film, Computer, Tablets, Mobile etc.

Characteristics of the teaching material

  1. Children take interest in reading.
  2. Learning More in Less Time |
  3. Learning any text easily.
  4. learning actively |
  5. learning in less time
  6. learning support
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Other tlm full form

TLM meaning are listed in different categories below the table.

Terms Full Forms
TLM Tutorial Learning Mentor
TLM Trackball Linear Mapping
TLM Through Life Management
TLM Threshold Limit Median
TLM Transmission Line Matrix
TLM Trouble Locating Manual
TLM Topographic Line Map
TLM Transaction Level Modeling
TLM The Learning Machine
TLM Transmission Line Modelling

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