Maa Tutla Bhawani Waterfall Rohtas, Bihar

tutla bhawani waterfall : Where is Tutla Bhawani Dham Temple? How to go to Tutla Bhawani Temple? To know the way and secret of Tutla Bhawani Waterfall, read the website Hindi article and know about Tutla Bhawani Waterfall.

Sometimes you must have heard the name of Tutla Bhavani. Where devotees like to take a bath in the waterfall before visiting Goddess Tutla Bhavani. Maa Tutla Dham is such a place where people from far and wide reach for darshan.

Maa Tutla Bhawani Dham (Waterfall) Information about Maa Tutla Bhawani Dham.

Tutla bhawani waterfall : Information about Maa Tutla Bhawani Dham

Tutla Bhavani is such a name which is also known as Maa Tutla Dham. Huge waterfall falls near Tutla Bhavani temple. The pleasure of bathing in this waterfall is something else. Before visiting Tutla Maa Bhavani, one has to take bath in Tutla water fall.

The place of Maa Tutla Bhavani is situated in the hills of Kaimur. Only the valley of the hill is visible around the temple. The government should also pay special attention to the arrangement to reach Tutla Bhavani Dham.

The temple of Maa Tutla Bhavani is located in Rohtas district of Bihar state. To reach Mataji’s Dham, after coming to Rohtas district of Bihar, one has to take a bus from Dehri on Sone railway station to Tilauthu (17 Km) towards the south.

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After going to Tilauthu, you can easily go to Tutla Bhavani waterfall after going 7 kilometers towards the west. One can travel by bus, tempo or bike to reach Maniram view of nature.

Cost of travel to Tutla Bhavani Temple

If you want to go to Tutla Bhavani Dham of Rohtas district, then there is nothing to be afraid of the cost. To reach this Dham, only vehicle expenses may have to be borne. Apart from this, the cost of making Prasad ranges from Rs.10 to Rs.50.

As well as, when it comes to having a picnic, let me tell you that it depends on you how much money you want to spend. In this way, you must have understood that you can go to Tutla Dham with minimum money.

Maa Tutla Bhawani Dham Mandir

Maa Tutla Bhavani’s ancient temple is located in Tilauthu block of Rohtas district of Bihar. The temple of Tutla Bhavani Dham is situated in the picturesque hills of Kaimur in Tilauthu block, 38 KM away from Rohtas district headquarter.

Tutla Bhavani Temple is situated in the valley of the hill. Kachuar river flows in the hill adjacent to the temple. The natural beauty surrounding the Tutla Bhavani temple is captivating.

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The way to reach Dham is not correct. Because of this very few people reach. People say that there is a lot of crowd during Navratri.

After the construction of the road, the movement of tourists can start in Dham. A fair is organized for the whole month in the month of Shravan and for 9 days in Navratri for the darshan of Mata. There is a belief about the temple that one who goes here with an impure mind, has to bear the wrath of Bhramari Devi (Bhanwara).

Such incidents have happened with many people who have some wrong feeling in their mind.

French historian Buchanan had reached Rohtas on September 14, 1812 for a visit. He writes in his journey that this statue is famous since ancient times. There are two idols of Tutla Bhavani. One is an old and fragmented statue while the other is a new one. There are many inscriptions on looking around.

According to Rohtas historian Dr. Shyam Sundar Tiwari, the old inscription is of 8th century in Sharda script, which is unread. And the inscription after this was installed by King Dhavalpratap Dev of Kharwar in the twelfth century. It has been written on April 19, 1158 AD at the time of consecration of the second idol of Durga.

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In the inscription of the second statue, King Dhavalpratap Dev’s wife Sulhi, brother Tribhuvan Dhaval Dev, sons Bikramadhval Dev, Sahasadhval Dev and five daughters have been consecrated with worship. The inscription confirms this.

The idol of Tutla Ashtabhuji Bhavani is a beautiful glimpse of Gadwal carpet art. Seeing the statue of Mata, it is known that the demon is coming out of the neck of Mahishasura, whom the goddess is holding with both her hands and hitting with the trishul.

The statue of Mahishasura Mardini Tutla Bhavani is established in the middle of Tutrahi water fall. There is no such wonderful waterfall in the entire Rohtas and Kaimur districts. Historian Dr. Shyam Sundar Tiwari says that there is no such captivating natural beauty in the whole of Bihar.

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How to Reach Tutla Bhawani Mandir?

  • The temple of Maa Tutla Bhavani is situated in the picturesque hills of Kaimur in Tilauthu block, 38 KM away from Rohtas district headquarter.
  • The nearest railway station to reach here is Dehri On-Sone. The nearest bus stand is Ramdihra On-Sone. This bus stand is situated on NH-2C (Dehri-Yadunathpur road). 5 km from here One has to go to the valley of West Kaimur hill. Auto Rickshaw is available for this.
  • There is a road up to a distance of 100 meters from the temple. 60 km west is the temple of Mundeshwari Mata, which is situated on the hill.

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