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  • Name- Tushar Shukla
  • Position- District Minister- Hindu Yuva Vahini Yuva Morcha
  • Innovator Code – 71186988

Gujarat BJP chief visits poet Tushar Shukla

Tushar Shukla, who started the eradication of evils spread in the society from Govind Nagar in Kanpur, is a resident of Kanpur. Today at the age of 23, he has achieved a good position in politics while struggling with difficulties in his early life.

political exposure

Tushar Shukla has struggled a lot in his early life, due to which he knows the evils spread in the society closely, that is why at such a young age, he thinks about the issues in this way and is thinking of ways to improve the society. Huh. He is associated with Hindu Yuva Vahini Morcha.

Under this, considering the evils spread in the society like theft, plundering, molesting women etc., an effort has been made to improve them, so that the new generation can become aware of all these and these evils can be removed from the society.

Although Tushar Shukla’s father is retired from the army, and there is no political atmosphere in his house, but he believes that he has come into politics for the betterment of the society.

Apart from this, Tushar Shukla explains his inclination towards revolutionary books. APJ Abdul Kalam is fond of reading some new Nobels of Honorable Prime Minister and learns some good things and tries to implement them and bring positive change in the society.

major regional issues

Tushar Shukla’s main focus is towards those evils of the society, which this society does not allow women to come forward. Such as molesting women, theft, daylight robbery etc. Tushar Shukla had given many needy people on his behalf during the Corona period, giving their necessities and lentils, roti etc. to eat, for which Tushar was appreciated by his party.

Apart from this, he believes that by coming into politics at such an age, he will become an inspiration for the coming generation, those who want to improve the society, they can also move forward with the idea of ​​doing something.

global outlook

Tushar Shukla has decided to change the thinking of the young generation, he believes that today’s youth only thinks of doing better about themselves, they will change that thinking. We will make the youth so aware about the society that along with the youth of today, the generations to come can also keep these evils away from their society.

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