How social is Indian Social Media? 

Social media has undergone a lot of change in the last ten years. The purpose behind establishing social channels like Facebook, and Whatsapp may have been noble, but they no longer serve that purpose.

In today’s current Indian perspective, if someone asks Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, how well do Indians live up to the expectation with which he created a social platform like Facebook? My guess is as good as yours. His answer is not going to make us happy.

So, why in the first place he named his social media site Facebook?

Anyone who is part of this platform is supposed to express his views, because the thoughts of the person have the ability to become his face.

You can share the past events of your life with your friends and also with your loved ones who may have been sitting far away in a foreign country. But the manner in which most Indians use Facebook presently, Zuckerberg would never have imagined even in his dreams.

Is it Facebook or Fight Club?

Every day we hear news of some young girl or woman being blackmailed by making an obscene profile on Facebook by uploading their photo shopped images.

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The most gruesome and explosive aspect about social media is that it’s increasingly making us impatient and negative. It is quite normal for users to unnecessarily interfere in someone else’s matter.

While expressing their opinion about someone on Facebook, people often become so charged up that they fail to realize they have crossed every limit of decency and good behaviour.

Even without knowing anyone personally on the channel, people go out of their way to comment on others’ posts.

You can’t expect everybody to share the same views on important topics. It’s a free country, and it’s not necessary that the other person will agree with your opinion.

You must respect peoples’ right of expression, and don’t try to impose your thoughts on them. You may like a particular political party or a political leader because in your opinion that is the best. But that doesn’t mean that everybody will think so.

You have your reasons to like or dislike something. In the same manner, others also have the same right. They can differ with you, and you need to accept that. You shouldn’t create a scene. Social media can be very useful provided you maintain the decorum.

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Social Media Duel

People are often very passionate about their favorite political parties and leaders. They go out of their way to support them, while at the same time they use every opportunity to malign other political parties and their leaders.

We often find supporters of Bharatiya Janata Party involved in a duel with those who support Congress or Aam Aadmi Party. While doing so, they use every resource at their disposal to prove a point.

Past videos are uploaded, previous quotes are used, and even photo shopped images are thrown to score a brownie point.

Such exchange of allegations and counter allegations goes on and on for hours without reaching anywhere. On such occasions curse words and expletives are openly used against each other vitiating the entire atmosphere. In order to outsmart each other, they often resort to obscene, and below the belt comments to pull down their opponents.

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It becomes a free for all kind of situation, and barring physical fight, they do almost everything. They also forget the dignity of the office of these leaders that is given to them by the Constitution of India.

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Tell me, what kind of protest is this, on social media? What they would get out of this? Such behaviour and obscene language on a digital platform will lead this generation towards destruction and moral bankruptcy.

Just think if it. Would you abuse anyone on the road even without knowing what kind of person he is? This is just madness and least expected from a civilised person. Unfortunately, such behaviours have become commonplace on social media especially on the Facebook.

An Eye for an Eye 

There is certain code of conduct for social media that we all need to follow. Therefore, if someone unnecessarily opposes you, just politely ask him why he is doing that? Tell him to understand your point, and change his behaviour.

And if he is still adamant, then just leave him. Let him talk nonsense, but make sure not to react and reply him in the same language. After some time, he will himself feel neglected, and may calm down. If we begin using the principle of ‘an eye for an eye’ the entire world will become blind. With so much of hatred and bad blood on social media, it is imperative to raise the question whether Indian social media is really social.

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