The Benefits of Buying Used Cars Instead of New

Your attention has been drawn to a sleek new car or Used cars. There’s nothing like watching an advertisement on television to get you to go to a dealership to see that shiny new vehicle. Are you ready for a new car? Even though it comes with plenty of bells and whistles and is financed well, what else is available? Vehicles for sale! You can purchase a used vehicle for many reasons, and yes, this is a shameless plug for our Used Car Checklist. Used cars are not only affordable, but they also provide quality transportation for years to come.

1. Used cars can save you money

The average price of used cars is almost 50% less than the price of new cars! Using a used car will save you money on finance fees since the loan can be paid off much faster. Upon switching to a different vehicle every six years, many consumers opt into a nicer vehicle or buy a second $10,000 vehicle, creating your two for one deal!

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2. Depreciation in bulk has already taken place

New cars depreciate rapidly the moment they are driven off the lot, complain consumers. When you leave the lot, the value of your $20,000 vehicle drops to $17,800, meaning your $20,000 vehicle is worth only $17,800. Every week, every month, every year, the vehicle depreciates.  The majority of depreciation occurs in used vehicles. You may even be able to gain value from some used vehicles! This tool by Edmunds provides details about the true cost of owning a vehicle and how fast it will lose value.

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3. No exorbitant fees

There are many hidden fees in the price of a new car, which can be as high as $1,000. New car deals look great to the eye, but many new cars have hidden fees, such as shipping costs, destination charges, and dealer preparation. Generally, used cars don’t have hidden fees, but you might have to pay a document processing fee, which can be several hundred dollars.

4. Cost-effective customizing

When shopping for used cars, you don’t need to settle for expensive dealer add-ons. Installing your own may cost less than purchasing a new car. Your decision to buy a used car was a great use of the money you saved.

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5. Thoroughly inspected and certified

Buyers of Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are assured they’re getting a quality car for an affordable price. Pre-Owned vehicles that have been certified by the manufacturer or other certifying agency have been inspected, reconditioned, and certified as having high quality. There are many benefits and extended warranties offered by certified pre-owned vehicles. Purchasing a new vehicle is a satisfying experience.

6. Warranties

Part of the original warranty may still be on some used cars. Creating a new warranty may be an option for other used cars. If you decide to extend the manufacturer’s warranty on your used car, you can rely on factory trained technicians to repair your car efficiently and with quality parts. The warranty can cover everything up to 100,000 miles so you can take advantage of the savings from not buying a new car. That’s what new cars offer?

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