What Your Body Shape Says About Your Health – Body shape calculator

Body shape calculator – Your body shape can say so many things about yourself, but you need to consider it as just one factor. People of different shapes and sizes can be healthy or may be at risk for problems such as diabetes or various heart diseases.

All you can do is visit your doctor for regular checkups to test your blood pressure, cholesterol, and other health measures. If you want to figure out your body type by yourself. Then you need to use an online body shape calculator by calculator-online.net for women & men that allows you to determine body shape depending on your chest, hip, high hip, and waist measurements. Read on to know more about body shapes.

Different Body Types: Body shape calculator

Following are a few of the body types, so swipe down to read about the shapes. 

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Apple Shape:

Apple-shaped people carry fat at the midsection along with very less fat on their arms, legs, and hips. This body shape is associated with many health risks. If an individual has an apple body shape, it means that this person’s waist to hip ratio is big, indicating a lot of visceral fat. When fat surrounds your body organs, you will face health issues such as inflammation in the body, which causes some more severe diseases.

If you don’t want to face health issues, you first need to determine your body type. For ease, make use of a body type calculator that helps to find the body shape for both genders. If you’re an apple body shape, then you need to lose extra fats from your body.

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Pear Body Shape:

Usually, pear-shaped people have fat in their butt & hips section with much less fat at the shoulder and bust side. Compared to the apple body shape, the pear-shaped body type is much safer because fat stored in the legs has less potential to reach vital organs. On the other hand, people usually experience problems with their veins & joints because they’ve been asked to support a lot of weight.

Health issues related to veins & joints can be severe, but you can reduce the risk by knowing your body shape. You can try the body shape calculator that finds your body type depending on the measurements of your body’s different sections. All you do is enter the values into the body figure calculator and get the result within a few seconds. 

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You have an hourglass body shape if your hips & bust are similar-sized with the narrow waist. Experts consider this body type as one of the healthiest body shapes. People who have this body shape will not experience health issues compared to the other body types. Hourglass-shaped people can still carry the visceral fat near their internal organs and extra subcutaneous fat around the stomach. It was challenging to identify your body type in the past, but it has become much easier in the modern era. You can consider using the body shape calculator to determine your body shape using your waist,

 Hip and chest measurements.


This article mentions different body types and also their effects on health. Identifying your body-shaped manual can be time-consuming and challenging also. Simply use the body shape calculator that shows your body shape based on the waist, hip, and chest values.

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