how to know imei number of mobile (2024)


Our smartphones have become an essential component of our lives in the current digital age. Our everyday lives revolve on our mobile devices, which we use for everything from online banking and shopping to communication and entertainment. However, have you ever given any consideration to the special code that sets your phone apart from others? The International Mobile Equipment Identity, or imei generator, is used in this situation. We’ll cover everything there is to know about IMEI number and its importance in the world of mobile devices in this article.

random imei generator
random imei generator

What is IMEI?

Every mobile device is given an unique IMEI number, a 15-digit unique identifying number. It acts as a virtual fingerprint for your tablet or smartphone, enabling regulators and mobile network providers to follow its movements and verify its identity. The device’s memory contains the imei generator , which can often be accessed via the settings menu or by entering a certain code on the keypad.

The Purpose of IMEI

The primary function of the random imei generator is to enable a mobile network operator to blacklist stolen or lost devices. By blocking the IMEI number, the operator can render the device useless, making it difficult for thieves to sell or use the stolen phone. Additionally, the IMEI is used by regulatory authorities to identify and track devices operating within their jurisdiction.

Understanding IMEI Structure

1) Type Allocation Code (TAC): The TAC, which identifies the device’s manufacturer and model, is represented by the first eight digits of the IMEI.

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2) Final Assembly Code (FAC): The FAC, or final assembly point, of the device is indicated by the next two numbers.

3) Serial Number (SN): This unique number that sets one device apart from another is made up of the six digits that come after the FAC.

4) Check Digit: The last digit of the imei generator tac serves as a check digit, ensuring the correctness of the complete number.

Why is IMEI important?

If your phone were stolen, for example, and you knew its IMEI number, you could report the loss to your cell provider, provide them with the IMEI, and they would ban the phone. This implies that even with a fresh SIM card installed, the device itself becomes banned, making it impossible for the criminal to use. Furthermore, the firm will always check the vivo imei generator to determine whether the phone has been reported stolen if the criminal brings the phone to a mobile recycler to swap it for cash.

If completely necessary, the police can also use the random imei generator to locate where the phone last made a connection to the mobile phone network. But often, this is only done in an attempt to locate the missing and decipher calls made from their phones in order to follow their whereabouts.

How to check your IMEI with a search ?

  1. The location of the online imei generator number varies based on the device.
  2. To locate your unique IMEI number, just follow these procedures for iOS Apple, Android, Windows, or basic phone handsets.
  3. To find the IMEI number for a Google Pixel, use the keypad on your phone to enter *#06#.
  4. Some IMEI numbers are shown on a sticker located beneath the battery on the back of phones that have detachable batteries.
  5. Advice: Before making a payment for a phone you’re buying from a third party, ask to see the IMEI number.

Verizon and IMEI numbers.

Check out Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) cellular devices on Verizon instead of taking a chance on a phone with a banned or blacklisted IMEI. Apple, Samsung, and other pre-owned smartphones qualify for Total Mobile Protection. Before a phone is sold, its condition is meticulously documented.

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How to Find Your IMEI on Android Devices

Opening your dialing app and dialing *#06# is the easiest way to find your random imei number for Android devices (that is, Android devices with a SIM card slot; a device without a SIM card slot or 4G/5G capabilities won’t have an IMEI number). Immediately, your IMEI number ought to appear on your screen. If your phone has two SIM slots, you should be able to see both IMEI numbers.

Alternatively, depending on the Android device you own, navigate to Settings > My phone or Settings > About phone. Use these procedures to get the IMEI number(s) of your device.

How to Find Your IMEI on iOS or make

The most practical method for getting your iPhone’s IMEI number is to dial *#06#, just like you would with an Android smartphone. If your iPhone has two SIMs, it will display two IMEI numbers instantly.

By selecting Settings > General > About from the iPhone/iPad settings menu, you can also verify your IMEI. Locate the IMEI number of your smartphone by scrolling down.

Take out your iPhone’s SIM tray and look for the IMEI number underneath it if it won’t power on for any reason. If your iPhone 6s or later is in this place, the IMEI number should be engraved there.

The IMEI numbers of the iPhone 5s, 5s, 5C, 6, and 6 plus versions are imprinted on the back of the device. There are several additional ways to find out the IMEI number of your iPhone besides these.

IMEI Compatibility Check

As previously said, one of the most crucial uses of an imei generator Samsung number is to inform you if your phone is compatible with the network you wish to use. You may use the imei generator provided by most networks, including Mint Mobile, to see whether your phone will operate on the new network you have selected. To find out if your phone is compatible, simply follow the following methods to obtain your IMEI number and enter it into our imei generator compatibility check.


When it comes time to unlock or determine whether your phone is locked, random imei generator numbers can also be used. To learn more about what an unlocked or locked phone is, see our blog post on the subject. In a nutshell, an unlocked phone is required in order to sign up for Mint Mobile. Your current carrier will usually require your IMEI number in order to unlock your phone and release you from their expensive, fee-based plans.

iPhone imei generator

How to use Yttags’s Random IMEI Generator?

  • Step 1: Select the random imei generator Tool

imei number

  • Step 2: Choose The Brand & Model And Click On The Generate Button

imei number

  • Step 3: Check Your IMEI Generator Result

imei number


1) What is IMEI full form?

Every mobile phone in existence has an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), which is a distinct 15-digit serial number used to identify a device. The Equipment Identity Register, or EIR, is a database that houses these IMEI numbers together with details on all authorized mobile phone equipment.

2) How is an IMEI number generated?

3GPP TS 23.003 contains the structural specifications for the IMEI/SV. The first eight digits of the IMEI/SV, or Type Allocation Code (TAC), are made up of the model and origin. A Lehn check digit appears at the conclusion of the manufacturer-defined remainder of the imei generator online.

3) What information can we get from IMEI?

Without needing to physically hold the phone, the IMEI number provides information about the make and model, release year, and other specs. Because of this, in order to establish an insurance policy, your insurance company or new phone provider might need to know your imei generator Huawei number.

4) What is the range of IMEI?

The device’s origin, model, and serial number are all listed on the IMEI (15 decimal digits: 14 digits plus a check digit) or IMEISV (16 decimal digits: 14 digits plus two software version digits).

5) What is the disadvantage of IMEI number?

When you buy a phone, the vendor keeps the original Samsung imei generator number on the sales receipt. Thus, if you modify the phone’s IMEI number, you won’t be able to pick it up. Since the IMEI number is permanently encoded, changing it might harm your device.

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